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Bocce Classic XV Rules

All teams (4 members) must be on the court 5 minutes prior to the start of the match.
Practicing will only be permitted 5 minutes prior to the scheduled match.
Referees will toss a coin to determine who goes 1 st and which color.
The team that reaches 14 points will be declared the winner.
In the event the match is still in process after the allotted time (50 min), the frame will be completed and the team with the most points is declared the winner.
An additional frame will be permitted if the score is tied.
All balls must be delivered in an underhand manner without crossing the foul line. Fouls will result in penalties being assessed after the team has fouled more than two occasions.
Two 30 second time outs will be allotted per match per team.
A pallina toss will be attempted by a team no more than twice. In the event they are unsuccessful, the other team may toss the pallina. If this results in a failed placement of the pallina, the referee will place the pallina in the center of the court an equal distance from the side boards and the center and back lines.
Only one substitute may play per team per game. If a player subs for one team in the tournament, he/she may not play or sub for another team.
Substitutes may enter a match at the end of a frame.
If the referee is unable to determine the “in” ball, he/she may measure at any time. However, the referee may not measure to determine the 2 nd “in” ball while other balls remain to be played. Measuring may only occur to determine the closest ball.
Only one player per team shall be permitted beyond the foul line for coaching and/or measuring. At the time of delivery, all players must be behind the foul line (keep in mind the 30 sec. delivery rule).
Measurements will only be made by the referee.
In the event a ball is accidentally moved by the referee (while balls remain to be played) and that ball is in contention, a dead frame is declared. If a ball is moved that is not in contention, the referee will place it back in its original spot.
In the event the referee inadvertently moves the pallina, a dead frame will result unless all balls have been thrown and the referee clearly is able to acknowledge which team was “in.”
Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Behavior deemed as poor sportsmanship may lead to a team's disqualification.
Footwear must be worn while playing bocce for safety and health-related reasons.
Semi-final and final matches will be played to 16 with no time limit.
Referees will refer all questions and/or rule clarifications to the Tournament Director so designated for the Bocce Classic.
All decisions made by the Tournament Director are final.